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Defense Attorney Updates Jail Assaults

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Since November 24, 2021, three separate detention officers have been assaulted at the Guilford County jail according to a defense attorney. There’s no question that being a detention officer is a dangerous profession, but lately it’s become far more dangerous than it’s ever been in the past. Our top rated defense attorney in Greensboro, NC is seeing more and more assault cases coming out of the Greensboro Jail.

On Nov 24, 2021, our Greensboro defense lawyer was told that an inmate was walking around the general population area without a mask.

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A female detention officer requested he put a mask on at which point in time she was assaulted. Local reports are that she was hit 4 times in the head.

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The video of this incident is yet to be released to the general public according to a criminal defense lawyer.

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Then on Nov. 25, 2021, a federal inmate was having difficulty connecting his tablet to the system for a video visit. Our top rated criminal lawyer was advised that the man became angry and broke the tablet. A detention officer showed up and after their initial interaction the officer was assaulted and punched nine times in the head.

On December 1, 2021, there was yet another jail assault according to our best defense lawyer in Greensboro.

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We are yet to receive an update on the status of the correction officer or the inmate.

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This all comes on the heels of an attack on a detention officer at the Greensboro jail that resulted in the detention officer being in the hospital for 46 days. Our criminal defense attorney in Greensboro is yet to be made aware of fully what happened on that occasion. Officers are reporting that as time goes by there are more and more Multiple detention officers at Guilford County Jail assaulted by inmates, sheriff’s office says there are more and more assaults on the detention officers who work at the Greensboro jail.

Our lawyers in Greensboro wonder if the increase in attacks is related to the covid restrictions at the jail. We live in an incredibly unusual time and inmates are now house for long periods without interaction due to covid restrictions. Most inmates our criminal lawyers in Greensboro visit at the jail are only given one hour out per day, and the other 23 hours they’re in their holding cells waiting for their next hour. It wasn’t this way for most of our veteran defense lawyers, who remember a time where our clients were free to roam around within their pod. Now they’re punished, sometimes unduly, due to the side-effects of the pandemic.

Our criminal lawyers in Greensboro will continue to keep you informed of any and all updates coming out of the Greensboro jail and the Guilford County Courthouse. Stay safe Greensboro!