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Child Hit by Car on Interstate per Attorney

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Attorney in Greensboro

For starters and to forewarn you, this is a terrible case. A 5 year old boy was allegedly misbehaving in the car as a family was driving down the road.

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Our attorney in Greensboro was advised that the mother of the child’s boyfriend told the 5 year old to get out of the car.

A vehicle was driving down the interstate and not expecting a child to be in the road hit and killed the child. The boyfriend has now been charged with murder in this case. The boyfriend said after the child got out of the car he lost sight of the child.

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Our car accident lawyer in Greensboro was told that the child was hit and survived the initial impact.

He was transported to the hospital according to a Greensboro personal injury lawyer where he later died. Our family law attorney in Greensboro can not imagine the grief the mother must feel at this point in time. The boyfriend had no prior charges before this horrendous event.

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Our Greensboro attorney sends out his thoughts prayers to the young child and his family during this difficult time.