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A high speed chase is only as good as you have fuel of some sort to keep your vehicle going. A Greensboro attorney at our law firm was advised that the man was wearing a sweatshirt that said, “I Don’t Stop 4 Cops.” And sure enough when police attempted to pull him over for speeding, he kept right on going.

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Our Greensboro DUI lawyer was told that police initially tried to stop him for reckless driving and a suspected DUI. The man sped up instead of slowing down and took law enforcement on a high speed chase.

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The man was on a motorcycle and exceeded 80 MPH when police called off the chase because they didn’t want anyone to be injured in a car or motorcycle accident.

A helicopter followed the motorcyclist overhead and the bike continued to drive at a high rate of speed. At points during the chase the man was seen driving on sidewalk and eventually tossed a bag of some sort. The man even stopped to get gas according to a criminal lawyer in Greensboro.

The man was eventually taken into custody.

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Our Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer was told that the man had even dumped the sweatshirt with the hope of evading law enforcement. He is now facing numerous felony criminal charges. Including, felony flee to elude arrest, driving while impaired DWI, and a host of other traffic infractions per a traffic ticket lawyer in Greensboro.

Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro are just glad no one was injured in this high speed chase. Stay safe Greensboro!