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Can Greensboro Traffic Ticket Attorneys Explain How Long An Officer Can Stop You While Waiting On Another Officer To Arrive?

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Can Greensboro traffic ticket attorneys explain how long an officer can stop you while waiting on another officer to arrive? Yes, of course! This is an important topic for defendants in traffic cases. Sometimes being stopped by the police can seem like it’s taking forever because the police routinely do checks after the initial stop to make sure that the driver is not doing something such as driving while their license is revoked. There is a limit, though, to how long an officer can delay the stop when doing things such as waiting for another officer. For questions regarding your traffic stop, please contact a Greensboro traffic attorney today!

Generally, a traffic stop cannot last long than the time necessary to complete the overall mission of the stop. Sometimes waiting for an officer may aid them in the mission of the stop. For example, courts take officer safety into great consideration. If there are multiple people in the stopped vehicle, for instance, the officer may call for a second officer due to safety concerns. Another way in which an officer may need backup because of safety is if the driver of the car is being unusually difficult. In general, courts hold officer safety in high regards. If you think this may be an issue in your case, do not hesitate to speak with a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney.

Some other instances in which waiting for an officer may be necessary is when there is a language barrier that a second officer could help with. For example, if an officer pulls over a driver who only speaks Spanish, the officer may call for a second officer to come if the second officer is fluent in Spanish. Lastly, it may be necessary to wait for a second officer if the initial officer does not deal with field sobriety tests often, and thus needs a more experienced officer to conduct the test. Because this is a topic that is still heavily debated among the courts in North Carolina, it’s important to consult with a Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer before making any definitive decisions about the admissibility of your traffic stop.

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