Can Greensboro Family Law Attorneys Explain Why I Should Get A Prenup Before Marriage?

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Can Greensboro family law attorneys explain why I should get a prenup before marriage? Of course!

A prenuptial agreement is a daunting thing to think about right before you get married. Why would you plan for a divorce right after you agreed to marriage? It’s a concept that many people don’t want to think about because they often don’t think that it will ever happen. When you are about to be married to the love of your life, the last thing you want to think about is divorcing them in the future. The hard truth is that nearly fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Therefore, it’s extremely important to plan ahead of time to protect yourself in many financial ways. This is an agreement that, in the end, will not hurt you even if you end up never getting divorced. For help with a prenuptial agreement, contact a Greensboro family law attorney today!

Perhaps one of the most common reasons people get a prenuptial agreement is to protect their income. If you make more than your spousal partner, this can help you avoid the issue of deciding how must spousal support you will have to pay. Another common reason prenup agreements are becoming more common is that it protects you from having to pay for your spouse’s debt. For example, without a prenuptial agreement you could end up being responsible for your spouse’s debt that they brought with them into the marriage. With a prenup agreement, you will be protected from paying debts that you did not accumulate. Prenuptial agreements are helpful in the process of a divorce as well. It’s common knowledge that the divorce process can be long and stressful, but a prenuptial agreement can speed up the process because most of the details have already been agreed upon. For more information about a prenup agreement, you should not hesitate to contact a family lawyer today!

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