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How Can A Greensboro Defense Attorney Help With A Driving While License Revoked Charge?

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How can a Greensboro defense attorney help with a driving while license revoked charge? If a motorist has a driving while license revoked charged, one way that they could be helped is by seeking limited driving privileges. Seeking limited driving privileges can be helpful to motorists who have cases involving high speeds as well. If you are involved in a case involving high speeds or driving while your license is revoked, you may want to seek limited driving privileges to accomplish practical day-to-day activities. A Greensboro traffic lawyer can help you acquire these privileges!

If you are involved in a high-speed incident, there is no guarantee that you can acquire limited driving privileges.

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Often, this is due to the fact that speed reduction rules differ from county to county and it may be dependent upon the Assistant District Attorney dealing with the case. If you are concerned about these rules, you should contact a Guilford County defense lawyer today!

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If you have been charged with driving while your license is revoked, you may be able to acquire limited driving privileges dependent upon the specific circumstances of your case. There are several factors that go into determining whether someone who is charged with this can seek limited driving privileges, but generally it can be applied when a motorist’s license is revoked for driving while their license is revoked or for a moving violation that is committed while the motorist’s license was in a state of revocation. If you think that this may apply to you, call a Greensboro DWI attorney today to find out if your case fits the specifications needed for limited driving privileges.

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Once a court has awarded limited driving privileges, these privileges remain valid for a year or less if the remaining revocation period is less than a year. After this, though, the DMV will reinstate the motorist’s license once they pay the restoration fee, prove that they are financially responsible, and prove that they have no current revocations. If limited driving privileges sound like something that could benefit you, please contact a Greensboro DWLR attorney today at 336-379-0539!