Greensboro Traffic Attorney Explain Causation

Can a Greensboro Traffic Attorney Explain Causation?

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Can a Greensboro traffic attorney explain causation?

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A Greensboro traffic lawyer can certainly explain causation, one of the fundamental principles of traffic court.

The best example of causation is explained by an incident viewed in court.  An individual was charged with a DWI, represented by a Greensboro DWI attorney.  The issue in the case was a death, caused by an individual on a bicycle that actually stuck the driver of the vehicle that was eventually charged with the impaired driving charge.

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Any experienced Greensboro traffic lawyer knows that this case could have been a felony death by motor vehicle, or at the very least a n aggravated DWI, both requiring jail time.  The saving grace was the Greensboro DWI lawyer’s knowledge of causation and the law, as applied to these facts.

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Just because there was a death as a result of the accident does not mean that the death was caused by the driver.  In this case, proving causation was the challenge.  Using the facts investigated, the success of the causation argument saved the driver from being charged with a felony, as well as prevented a judge from sentencing the driver to an aggravated active jail sentence.

Every detail of a case matters, every fact, and it must be applied to the law.  On first glance, the causation in this case seemed simple, a bicycle was struck and a person was tragically killed. Good investigation, and deep knowledge of how the law should be applied to the facts, saved this individual from harsh punishment.

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