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Can a Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer Explain the Age Changes?

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Can a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer explain the age changes? Yes we can!

Starting in December 2019, new legislation has every Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer scrambling to do research! Greensboro traffic ticket attorneys know that most criminal offenses committed by a 16 or 17 year old will become juvenile cases under the North Carolina Juvenile Code in December. However, traffic offenses are a different story.

Traffic offenses for 16 and 17 years olds are specifically excluded from the new Juvenile law. A Greensboro speeding ticket attorney can represent you for any Chapter 20 violation, which are the North Carolina traffic laws. If a person is age 6 though age 15, their speeding ticket offenses will remain under the current Juvenile exception for prosecution,

The problem is when charges include both traffic charges and criminal charges that are in different systems. What if a criminal charge and a traffic offense emerge from the same incident? Unfairly, the charges will be split up, since there is no way to process both charges effectively. Many times that means that a client may have a court appointed juvenile attorney (as they have a right to be appointed because of their age) but a separate, retained Greensboro speeding ticket attorney. What if the client does not know that they need to appear on two different court dates for what in their mind is the same charge? How many officers will not know how to properly instruct a person on this situation? This situation seems ripe for trouble and potential unfair order for arrest issuances.

The law is changing, and probably for the better to protect out youth. However, the fact that traffic offenses are still a viable way to arrest young people and put them in unknowable danger remains a possibility. Call a Greensboro speeding ticket attorney at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson for answers today!