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Can a Greensboro DWI Attorney Prevent An Order For Arrest?

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Can a Greensboro. DWI attorney prevent an order for arrest? Yes!

A Greensboro DWI lawyer, or a Greensboro DUI lawyer, as they are also known, can explain to you how and why a court may issue an order for arrest. Often, it is because a person missed court. An attorney can appear for most court dates, and thus assure you are not arrested.

You may actually have been in court, but appeared in the wrong court room, the wrong day, or even just ignored by the prosecutor’s office if you are present. A Greensboro DUI lawyer make sure that you are counted as present. They know where to go, what time for you to appear, and how to make sure your presence is accounted for.

Superior court DWIs are even more dangerous. If you are arrested and charged with a felony you may end up in Superior Court (such as a Habitual DWI) or you may have your case appealed to Superior Court from a District Court setting. An order for arrest out of Superior Court may result in thousands, if not a hundred thousand dollar bond! Those order for arrest are difficult to recall or reset, but an experienced Greensboro DWI attorney can help present such an arrest in the first place!

If you have an order for arrest out, whether it is for a DWI / DUI, traffic charge, misdemeanor, or felony, a Greensboro DWI lawyer can recall the order for arrest and get a new court date for you without you being arrested, locked up, and forced to make a monetary bond. Call us today for a consultation to see if we can help.

A Greensboro DUI attorney can help you in many ways, and navigating the court system may be the most important! If you need help call us today, at 336-382-9396!