DWIs and Civil License Revocations

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The most important thing to remember after being charged with a DWI is to pay the civil revocation fee.  Until it is paid, and the time has run, your license is still in a state of revocation for an alcohol offense.  Below is a summary of civil revocation law.  Please call the attorneys at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth if you have been charged with a DWI for assistance, we look forward to taking the burden off your shoulders.


License is revoked for 30 days if .08+, Refusal, Under 21 with any BAC, or at the time the blood test is reported with a .08+ BAC

License is revoked for 45 days if surrendered more than 5 working days after the effective order, or the license is picked up by service of a pick-up order

CDL license is revoked for one year

Hearing is allowed to contest the civil revocation, before a magistrate or district court judge, 20-16.5(g); request in writing, at the time of initial appearance, or within 10 days of the effective date of the revocation. Hearing is required to be conducted within 3 working days if by magistrate, and 5 working days if requesting a district court judge.

Indefinite if Civil Revocation fee is not paid