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61 Homicides in Greensboro for 2020

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There are a lot of records we’re proud of and then there are those we wish we never set. This year has been incredibly hard on Greensboro, North Carolina. The pandemic has ravaged businesses and jobs and opportunities. But on top of that the violence in our city has hit an all new high.

A Greensboro criminal lawyer at our law firm was advised that we have had 61 homicides this year which is a record we hoped to never see.

To put it in perspective we had 45 murders in 2019 and 40 in 2018. This year we’ve had a 17% increase in violent crime over last year. That means the number of shootings and aggravated assaults has gone up by a pretty high degree since last year according to a Greensboro attorney.

So, the question on everyones mind is what do we do? Enough about the bad news what proactive steps can we take to fight back against violence. The answer is education and opportunity. But it needs to be focused on the communities where violent crime is prevalent. We need businesses to work with teenagers in these communities to find opportunities for them.

The problem is once you have a felony conviction, it makes it very difficult to lead a normal life.

A lot of our clients who have had prior felonies have a tough time finding a job and other opportunities. This leads to a lot of people having to revert to criminal activity to survive. Why do we have criminal records? If you’re convicted of a crime, and you serve your time whether it’s on probation or in prison, isn’t that enough? Shouldn’t you be able to move forward with your life?

The problem is that recidivism isn’t necessarily based on the person, in a lot of situations it’s based on the circumstances. Our lawyers in Greensboro NC do everything they can to protect our clients records, but most times by the time we receive the case, they’re typically a habitual felon and it’s tough for them to receive jobs.

We need a proactive approach to our community, without it, aggravated assaults will only continue to increase. Stay safe Greensboro. Our top rated attorney in Greensboro is here for you!