Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Lane Change Crashes

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Top Causes of Greensboro North Carolina Motor Vehicle Lane Change Accidents

Unsafe lane changes are one of the top causes of automobile accidents, and they can cause devastating damage to all vehicles involved, as well as the drivers of those vehicles, causing you to have to call a Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer. There can be a number of causes for an improper or unsafe lane change, and while it’s sometimes the other driver’s fault, that’s not always the case.

Often, the driver making the unsafe lane change is at fault for any accident that occurs. There are a few top causes of these types of Greensboro Motor Vehicles Lane Change accidents, including:

• Changing lanes without signalling, or signalling after already crossing the lines.
• Cutting other drivers off, which can cause them to brake too hard, and get rear-ended by the car behind them.
• Driving a large vehicle, particularly if it doesn’t have blind spot proof mirrors installed.
• Sudden medical distress, such as a stroke or heart attack where the other driver did not take their medication, or knew they should not be driving.

In these scenarios, any accident occurring from a lane change is the other driver’s fault and they should be held directly responsible for any loss or injury you sustain during the accident. However, there might be other instances in which the other driver was forced to move from their lane, due to conditions that were out of their control. The top causes of these motor vehicle lane change accidents are:

• Road debris, such as blown tires, mechanical parts, and garbage such as plastic bags.
• Weather conditions, such as slippery or wet roads. Heavy fog can also severely limit visibility, which can cause a vehicle to move unexpectedly when there’s something blocking their way, such as another accident.
• Oil spills.
• Pot holes or bad road conditions.
• Animals on the road.

In these instances, especially when there’s roadwork being done or poor road conditions, the other driver might not be at fault, but that doesn’t mean there’s no one to pay you the compensation you deserve. In these cases, the city might be held responsible, or another driver that left behind debris on the road, such as a transport truck that left behind parts of their shipment.

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