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Woman Killed in Hit & Run with Witnesses

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Walking your dog is just something dog owners do. The dilemma is, when people are driving and aren’t too focused on what they’re doing. Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer was informed that a 31-year-old woman was walking her dog and was hit by a car when crossing the street. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was told that surveillance video shows the entire incident, and the car drove away making this a felony hit & run death case.

From the video investigators were able to determine that the car appeared to be driving at a high rate of speed. A woman who was 10 cars back didn’t see the car accident, according to a Greensboro car accident lawyer, but did see the woman. She was shocked at the 9 cars ahead of her that swerved around her and kept going. She put her stuff with the woman. The woman was taken to a local hospital but did not survive according to our wrongful death lawyer in Greensboro.

She was a local artist and designer. Our family lawyer in Greensboro sends out their thoughts and prayers to her family. Her dog survived this horrific car accident and has been brought to the woman’s family.