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When Should a Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer Take Your Case to Trial?

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When should a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer take your case to trial? It depends.

A Greensboro speeding ticket attorney must evaluate every case through several lenses. The first is the easiest: the facts. Can the facts, as presented to the court, sway the judge or jury to find their client “not guilty?” Equally important is the law. Is there a reason, under the law as it currently applies to the North Carolina court system, through the Constitution of both North Carolina and the United States of America, sufficient to convict, or to exonerate, or to force the prosecutor to dismiss the charge?

Adding to a Greensboro traffic lawyer evaluation of the case is the potential impact of a trial verses a plea bargain on the client’s current life, as well as the heath of the license, and the potential trouble a conviction could cause in the future. Protecting a person’s license must be second only to protecting a person’s freedom to a Greensboro traffic lawyer, and in Greensboro, traffic attorney knowledge is essential as the prosecutor’s office refuses to help the very citizens that voted them into power.

The most important thing for a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer to do however, is to communicate with his or her client. Tell the client everything, good and bad, and all possible outcomes and potential impact that a case could have on them both presently and in the future. It is never the Greensboro speeding ticket attorney who should make the final decision in a case, but the educated, knowledgeable client.


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