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When Does a Greensboro Traffic Attorney Advise a Client to Take a Plea Offer?

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When does a Greensboro traffic attorney advise a client to take a plea offer? That depends!

A Greensboro traffic lawyer may advise a client from the very beginning of the case to allow them to negotiate and accept a plea offer to a lesser offense. Some reductions are routine, such as many speeding tickets that can be reduced to non-moving violations.

Experienced traffic lawyers will always review the clients driving record before considering a plea negotiation. There may be no incentive to take a plea if there is no benefit to the client. Greensboro traffic lawyers will also review and prepare a case for trial, make sure the law enforcement officer is still available to the prosecutor, and steer the case in front of the appropriately mannered judge.

If the prosecution has a solid case, and there are no legal, factual or constitutional defenses, then a Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer will advise you to enter a plea, but only if the outcome is better than the outcome of a plea. Often, if the outcome is the same, it may be beneficial to go to trial, as there may not be anything to lose.

Always ask your Greensboro traffic ticket attorney question about your case, about the facts, the defenses, the law enforcement officer, and the judges. It is important that you understand every aspect of the case. And experienced traffic lawyer knows that they can offer you advise, but the ultimate decision on how to move forward on a case is the client’s. You need to know that you received the best possible outcome, under the circumstances you face.

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