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When Divorce Is On The Horizon

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Marriage may arrive as planned, but divorce may happen unexpectedly. Sometimes there are signs that tell us the marriage is over, and other times we can feel on the fence about making a final decision. The path to divorce is not the same for everyone, and it can be challenging to weather it on your own without a legal team. As a divorce lawyer from Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC explains, anyone that suspects divorce is on the horizon must speak with a lawyer that is familiar with handling divorce cases. There are many road bumps and disagreements that can develop as divorce proceeds on, so chances are you will need a lawyer to turn to for guidance at one point or another. 

Prepare early for life after divorce.

Start preparing now for how you will live once divorce is finalized, so you are not left feeling frantic at the last minute trying to adjust to new living costs and arrangements. Save whatever you can now, recruit a reliable support system of trusted friends and family, and start planning for how you want the future to be. Sometimes one spouse will be awarded alimony, particularly if they did not earn as much as the other spouse and now have to find means of income on their own. If you are in need of monetary support, your lawyer can talk with you about how to request spousal support from a judge. 

There will be a mix of grief and relief.
There are going to be several emotions that you will go through, including both relief and grief. Even if you do not have feelings romantically for your ex spouse, there is a grieving process because it is the end of a relationship and the expectations you had for the marriage. It is normal to experience many emotions, and you may feel immense relief one day and pain over the loss another day. Your lawyer can be a useful person to rely on, as they can keep the legal side of things moving as you go through the healing process. Your lawyer can watch out for your best interests as you take the time you need to tend to yourself. 

Get your questions answered from a lawyer.

Divorce can be a complicated process, even if both spouses agree it is the right path to take. You may have questions about spousal support, child custody, division of assets and debts, child support, visitation, and more. Instead of trying to navigate the tricky waters of divorce on your own, consider having a lawyer to answer your questions as they come up. It can be difficult to know how to protect yourself and whether your rights are being infringed upon by your spouse’s legal team. Your lawyer can discuss with you what your options are, how to seek the outcomes you are hoping for, and ways to resolve conflicts if disagreements arise.