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When a Greensboro Car Accident Happens: Call the Police

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You Need to Call Law Enforcement After A Car Accident–Why?

When a Greensboro car accident happens, it can be hard to know what to do. You’ll probably have many  thoughts and little time to understand them — especially if you are hurt or confused or in pain.

No matter the amount of physical damage to the vehicle in the accident, calling the police to come and check out the scene of the accident is very important. A crash report will be filed, which is a huge part of deciding the cause of the accident and eventually filing a claim with insurance, if that is what you need to do.  If your case goes to trial, juries often rely heavily on crash reports to determine liability.  Without it, your case gets that much harder.

In some situations, it’s not legal to refuse to call the authorities after a Greensboro car crash. Below are some reasons why calling law enforcement to the accident can be important:

  • In North Carolina, if the accident caused death, injury, or property damage of a certain amount, you must report the crash to the police.  No written accident report on your behalf is necessary, just a phone call.  You can locate the official crash report online following the crash at a number of different websites.

  • One in five North Carolina drivers are totally uninsured drivers. The minimum insurance coverage a licensed driver has to carry in North Carolina is $30,000 for injury to any person.
  • North Carolina law requires drivers to provide reasonable assistance to people with injuries.  One way to provide such assistance would be calling 911.
  • The Statute of Limitations, or limit of time, to file a case in North Carolina is 3 (three) years from the date of the accident for either personal injury or property damage. Making the police write down details of the crash keeps everyone accountable for a bodily injury or property claim that is made later.
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  • Failing to halt at the scene or deal with other, typical, accident procedures could leave you charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Calling the police with the plate numbers of all the parties involved  in the crash could help get a motorist that leaves the scene.
  • Even if you were in a small bump-up cras with no injuries, it is recommended that you call 911 and let an operator assist you in your need for emergency assistance.

If you are involved in a Greensboro car accident, keep in mind that you should avoid saying things that may incriminate yourself. You may not be fully understanding of all of the things about the accident and North Carolina does have a fault-based system in place to decide financial responsibility for motor vehicle crashes.

Law enforcement officers are a great resource for assistance in the aftermath of a Greensboro car crash. They can help hurt parties and provide  accountability if lawsuits are filed following the crash. It is also important to contact an auto negligence attorney with experience in North Carolina law as it relates to automobile accidents. A good attorney will give you legal advice to help you battle for the justice you clearly deserve.

Contact our Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers today if you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident in Greensboro, High Point or Asheboro.