What They Don’t Tell You About Car Accidents

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Car accidents happen all the time, and some people may be victims while others are the perpetrators. In the moments after a car accident, you may be disoriented and perhaps in quite a bit of pain. We learn what to do when a car accident happens, but there are things we are not told and may eventually learn the hard way. Of course, you must always call 911, get medical attention for injuries, and report the accident to your insurance company. But from there on, what happens? What do we need to know that we haven’t necessarily been informed about? Consider the facts provided below:

An insurance adjuster will call in the days after.

After reporting the car accident to your insurance company, an insurance adjuster representative will contact you. This person is likely to come off very friendly and concerned about your wellbeing. When in reality, they are hoping that you will say something that can be misconstrued and used against you to reduce or deny your injury claim. Refuse having a conversation with an insurance adjuster and do not provide a recorded statement until you have spoken with your lawyer.

You can negotiate your settlement offer.

You may receive a speedy settlement offer shortly after a car accident. However, the insurance company may not be offering an amount that fairly covers your damages and losses. In fact, the insurance company is hoping that you will be desperate for money and will accept the settlement amount without a second thought. Insurance companies know that people may be in need of funds after a serious car accident and may make it seem like there is no other option but to accept before the offer expires. As the victim in the car accident, you can negotiate the settlement offer amount. The initial offer is probably only a fraction of what the claim is truly worth, and the insurance company knows this.

Well-intentioned advice from friends and family may not be accurate.

When hard times in life happen, we may turn to loved ones to vent and ask for advice. People you know may have been in an accident themselves, but each case is going to be different. There are no exact factors that are the same for every car accident. So while someone else may have been in a car wreck and wants to offer words of wisdom, the only person who can counsel you properly is through a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. 

Lawyers are legal professionals who understand the nuances of law, and can use this knowledge for the benefit of the victims they represent. More times than not, innocent people lose out on their health and finances because of another reckless driver. Victims must prioritize their recovery and learn more about their compensation eligibility. If the information provided resonates with what you are going through, don’t hesitate to reach out to a car accident lawyer Iowa residents depend on from Des Moines Injury Law today for assistance.