What should I be getting in Child Support? From a Greensboro Family Lawyer

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Calculating Child Support; From a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer

If one parent is awarded sole physical or legal custody, the noncustodial parent is usually required to make child support payments to the custodial parent. If the parents are awarded joint physical custody, the child support obligations are determined by the percentage of time the child spends with each parent and how much money each parent earns.

States have varying guidelines to determine the range of child support to be paid by a parent, depending on respective incomes and expenses. Some states allow judges leeway in making child support determinations while other states follow strict guidelines. Contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer to learn about your local rules.

Factors in determining the amount of child support usually include:

  • Child care expenses, including health insurance, education, day care, and special needs.
  • Income of the custodial parent
  • A parent’s ability to pay
  • The children’s standard of living before divorce or separation

If your or a loved one needs help calculating child support, contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson.