What Rules Should I Set For My New Teen Driver?

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What Rules Should I Set for My New Teen Driver?

You are proud of your teen for every accomplishment, but nothing quite matches the excitement, for him or her, and the nervousness, for you, of his or her attainment of a driver’s license. That first time your child pulls out of the driveway can be nerve-wracking and no parent wants to think about needing a Greensboro accident lawyer, if his or her teen is involved in an auto accident.

Before that first solo car drive, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests parents set some “rules of the road:”

  • No more than one passenger in the car. When more than two teens ride in the car, it can become too distracting. Between teen passengers texting other friends and music playing, the car can get noisy and the driver doesn’t pay as close attention as he or she should to the road and other drivers.
  • Set a car curfew. Most parents set a curfew of 10:00pm for the car to be in the driveway. Night driving is much different than day driving and the risk of car accidents rises as night falls.
  • Set consequences for a rules violation. Whether it’s losing driving privileges for a week or month, loss of privileges curtails freedom and once that license is obtained, must teens want to make full use of it.
  • Sign a safety pledge. Sign a pledge that neither of you will text and drive or drink and drive. It demonstrates that you are both committed to being safe drivers.

North Carolina accident attorneys advise the time to talk to your teen about the rules and expectations for driving behavior is before their solo driving experience begins.

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