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What Pictures Do You Need to Take at a Greensboro Auto Accident Scene

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What Photos Do You Need to Take When Photographing an Greensboro Car Crash Scene?

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When it comes to Greensboro Car Crash claims, North Carolina is an at-fault state, which means the at-fault person is bottom-line responsible for any resulting harm. Before crash victims can recover funds for doctor expenses and lost paychecks, they must prove the at fault driver was immediately responsible for the harm they made happen.

There are many ways to prove fault in an accident.

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Evidence that could contribute to a case includes recordings from dash cams, witness testimony, and police reports.

If you were injured in an crash, an experienced Greensboro personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining such video and documents but, there is one thing you need to do before even leaving the crash scene. If you are physically unharmed enough to walk after the crash, it is important to take photos of the crash from every angle before first responders clear the vehicle.

Thank goodness, this is one of the very few things that you need to take care of on your own when starting an personal claim.

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As soon as you hire a lawyer, you can pay attention to your health while your lawyers take over the case.

Read more to learn what kinds of things you should photograph when viewing a crash scene:

      1.Glass, Skid Marks, and Tiny Debris

When documenting an auto crash, it’s easy to overlook tiny details like broken glass and skid marks. After taking a few far away shots, walk around the cars and look for tiny debris that could show important details about what might have occurred.

  1. Numbers of License Plates

Sadly, you cannot trust that the other drivers were being entirely truthful when they gave you their phone numbers, or cards of insurance. For more protection, take the license plate number of each car involved in the accident so you have another way to identify the at fault parties.

  1. Driver’s License

You should take pictures of driver’s licenses by the same thought you are photographing plates; but, if the other driver objects, do not push the issue. However, you can obtain this information from the officers who come to the scene. The other parties may not have  to work with you, but they must work with with the law enforcement.

  1. Both Car’s Insides

The manner in which items are thrown about inside each car can show a lot about what happened just after and before, and during the crash. There could also be pictures of injury worth capturing, like blood, bones, and other messes.

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