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Absolute Divorce

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What is an absolute divorce?

An absolute divorce terminates the marriage as well as all of the rights and privileges that come with being married, such as inheritance rights.
In order to move forward with an absolute divorce, you must meet these requirements:
                    *Must be living separate and apart under (2) separate dwellings for one year and one day
                    *You must have settled all property, debt, assets (ex. 401K, Pensions)
                    *Settled child support and custody
                     *Resided in the county and state for a period of 6 months
                     *No other claims can be filed BUT divorce
Counties covered: Randolph & Guilford
One appointment for 1 hour of less is all that’s needed
Cost:$400 flat fee to GWAO
Filing fee to Clerk: $225 or $235 (for resumption of maiden name)
Service fee ranges from $0.00, $7.00, $30.00
Average time it takes for divorce to be granted  with no issues or Answers filed: 7-8 weeks
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