What if You Have Headaches from a Greensboro Automobile Accident?

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Settlement Value of Headaches in Greensboro Automobile Accident Cases

I’m lucky in that I do not get very many headaches, a gift I attribute to genetic good fortune. On the rare occasion that I do get one, they are rough. It is difficult to enjoy much of anything when you have anything more than a mild headache.

Juries often struggle with deciding out how to value personal injury cases when the main injury is a head injury that caused headaches.  Our Greensboro Automobile Accident Lawyers can help.

This is because headaches are mostly subjective. So the credibility of the injured party – which is usually 90% of the deal in trial – becomes the whole game because you can’t know the pain amount inside anyone’s head. Instead, you have to know if you believe that their complaint of pain is what they say.  Of course, objective injuries around the claim such as a diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome increase the settlement value of an injury claim.  However, it all comes down to the credibility of the witness, the plaintiff.

Settlement Value of Headaches in Greensboro Car Crashes

Jury Verdict Research says that the median verdict for headache cases is $32,372. The average verdict is $10,190. Putting it this way, the average award in a personal injury case nationally is approximately $789,746. So verdicts in headache cases are five percent of the national average? Terrible.

Juries like to to believe old people, or perhaps they believe young people should just deal with their pain. .

Verdicts in headache cases can surpass one million dollars. What do those cases have that the average case lacks? Those cases usually have the following: (1) an obvious head injury, (2) really bad and obvious property damage, and (3) doctor testimony where the doctor states that the headaches  were caused by the crash, and there is no possibility that the victim will improve from headaches in the future. I am not opining that without these factors, the plaintiff is not seriously hurt. However, being seriously hurt and getting a jury verdict worthy of those injuries is very different.

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