What can cause chest pain following a Greensboro Auto Accident?

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Greensboro car accidents can cause a variety of Greensboro Personal injuries, some more serious than others. When a car accident victim complains of chest pain following the crash, it can mean something very serious, because this area houses some of the most important and fragile organs and bones. Chest pain may arise from heart, lungs, ribs or other bones or organs inside the chest.

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Chest pain, lung pain, and heart pain are a common result of serious car accidents. Chest pain can be caused by pressure injuries or bruising caused by seatbelt or by the impact of collision that forces the chest against the dash or steering wheel.

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In this post, we will discuss some of the most common chest area injuries sustained in car accidents.

Abdominal Injuries

Car accidents can cause many different types of abdominal injuries and problems such as damage to internal organs, internal bleeding, ruptured abdominal aorta, or a ruptured spleen. The most common type of abdominal injury caused by car accidents is broken ribs. In most cases, the rib is broken at only one place (incomplete fracture), and does not go all the way through the bone. Some common symptoms include tenderness in the chest or rib area, severe pain while breathing, and a broken feeling under the skin.

Lung Pain

Severe car accidents can cause lung injuries that result in severe chest pain. Pneumothorax or punctured lung is a condition that results when the lung membrane gets punctured due to impact of the crash or because of an object penetrating into the lungs. If left untreated, a punctured lung can develop into collapsed lung or result into other life threatening conditions.

Heart Problems

The heart is definitely among the most important organs in our body, and any injury to the heart can be immediately life threatening. Impact to the chest against the dashboard or steering wheel can cause heart injuries, and in many cases, these injuries go undiagnosed, because there are no immediate and evident symptoms. The most commonly reported car accident related injury is a myocardial contusion or bruising. Symptoms of these types of injuries include arrhythmias, and other abnormalities that resemble a myocardial infarction. Most symptoms of heart injuries following car accidents may not appear until a few weeks or even months after the crash. So, the victim may not even know that he/she has sustained a heart injury until long after the accident.

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If you experience chest pain, lung pain or heart pain after the accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. Early diagnosis can help timely treatment, and prevent any serious complications.

The victim of a car accident, who suffers a serious heart or lung injury will likely be faced with huge medical expenses. So, it becomes important to seek help from a competent attorney who can protect your rights and help get rightful compensation.

Contact our Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyers today if you or someone you know has been injured or lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence.