Ways to Protect Yourself from Shady Insurance Adjuster Tactics in a Greensboro Auto Accident

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How do I protect myself from a shady insurance adjuster in a Greensboro Personal Injury case?

A Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer knows insurance adjuster tactics used to deny, discredit or delay your personal injury claim. For advice on defenses you can use to deal with nefarious insurance company practices, speak with an Ames personal injury lawyer.  

Ways to Protect Yourself from Shady Insurance Adjuster Tactics 

Being aware of your rights and educating yourself as much as possible will help you navigate the personal injury claims process.

Otherwise, if your insurance adjuster:

  • denies your claim outright or misinforms you about your insurance policy coverage, you should evaluate your original insurance policy agreement carefully. If you cannot locate this document, insist upon having the policy submitted to you in writing. If the adjuster refuses, contact an attorney;
  • asks you to authorize the release of your medical records, you have the right of refusal. Once you initiate the personal injury claim, only medical documents pertaining to the car accident will be provided;
  • places you under surveillance, you may not know. It is always best to assume you are being observed. Heed your doctor’s advice and do not attempt to complete daily tasks without assistance; and
  • offers you a low settlement, don’t be tempted to take a quick payment. Often this amount will not cover the total costs of your injury. Be mindful and have a reasonable compensation amount in mind before negotiating. Do not sign any agreements before consulting a lawyer. 

Get Help Now from an Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer 

When making a Greensboro Personal injury claim, it is important to remain vigilant. At the law offices of Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, & Olson we know how to combat the bad faith practices of insurance companies and will fight on your behalf so you can focus on healing. If you are being hassled by an adjuster, we are just a phone call away.