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Violent Crime Increase in NC per Top Rated Lawyer

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Top Rated Lawyer in Greensboro

In what has been a major transition, in the first time in 13 years, North Carolina has a higher rate of violent crime than that national average. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that we saw a 12% increase in violent crime from 2019 to 2020. More than 40,000 violent crimes were reported in North Carolina alone last year.

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Our Greensboro criminal attorney was advised that the primary increase was in assault cases and homicides, while robberies and rapes both dropped last year. To give perspective, per capita the numbers are still way better than they were in the 90’s.

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Our top rated criminal lawyer is saddened to see this shift from year to year. Also, as we look at the number from this year, it would appear that violent crime is only going to continue to increase as time goes by.

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Our Greensboro family lawyer sends up her thoughts and prayers for all of the victims of violent crime and their families. Stay safe Greensboro!