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Tree Crashes Through House per Number One Lawyer in Greensboro

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Number One Lawyer in Greensboro

Monday brought snow to the Triad, at least for a couple of minutes there was a sheet of white covering just about everything. Our number one lawyer in Greensboro was told that a Triad family had a tree crash into their home while a couple was lying in bed.

The couple involves two people in their 90’s and the tree sadly hit the woman and bruised her hip. Luckily she was only grazed, because the sheer impact of a tree that’s large enough to fall through a roof could definitely end someone’s life. Our lawyers in Greensboro NC were just happy that no one was seriously injured as a result of the tree falling through the roof.

Sadly, they will need to replace their comforter and some sheets as a result of this incident. Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro are thrilled that everyone was okay after this incident.

This storm impacted a lot of people severely in the Triad. Some Triad residents were without power for days and some just had their internet restored yesterday evening. Our law firm sends out thoughts and prayers for the safety of everyone this winter as cold weather temperatures are working their way into Greensboro.

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