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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Updates Box Truck Chase

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Greensboro

A 39-year-old man had quite the day yesterday according to a traffic ticket lawyer in Greensboro. It all started around 4:15 AM, when law enforcement saw a man driving a box truck without headlights or taillights.

Officers attempted to stop the truck but the driver refused to stop.

Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the driver sped off and made a hard right almost flipping the truck which led to a chase.

Local police were joined by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office when one of their vehicles was hit by the box truck. The vehicle eventually drove to a dead end.

Our Greensboro car accident lawyer was told that the driver then mashed into reverse hitting yet another law enforcement vehicle. The driver then sped forward again crashing into the woods.

Our personal injury lawyer reports that none of the officers suffered serious injures as a result of this incident. The man was sent to the hospital and treated for his personal injuries.

Our Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer has been told that the box truck driver has been charged with a number of crime as a result of this incident. Driving without two headlights, failure to heed lights or sirens, Driving While Impaired, Failure to stop at a stop sign, felony fleeing to elude arrest, assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer, two counts of injury to personal property, felon in possession of stolen property and reckless driving to endanger. Our Greensboro DWI lawyer has been advised that he’s yet to be taken to the jail from the hospital.