Traffic Ticket Fixing Scheme Results in 9 Judges Being Charged

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Speeding Ticket Attorney

Speeding Ticket giving you a headache? Decide you didn’t want to exchange information and you went ahead and left the scene of an accident? Rolled through a Stop Sign and don’t feel you should have to deal with it? If you were living in Philadelphia, charged with a Traffic Ticket, and knew the right people, apparently you didn’t have to.

Nine Judges who presided over Traffic Ticket Court in Philadelphia were indicted yesterday and charged with fixing Speeding Tickets for Friends and for Bribes and Favors. Federal Officials alleged there was “a widespread culture of giving breaks on traffic citations to friends, family, the politically-connected and business associates.”

One Judge reportedly dismissed Speeding Tickets and Stop Sign Violations in exchange for free car repairs, free towing, free movies, and free seafood according to a speeding ticket attorney. A wiretap recorded the Judge telling the business owner, “When you call, I move brother. Believe me, I move everybody.”

A local bar owner, told his patrons to leave their Traffic Tickets at his tavern where he would have them fixed per a Greensboro attorney. The Bar Owner put a box at the back of bar where patrons would place Speeding Tickets, Stop Sign Tickets and Red Light Citations to be ‘fixed.’

Another Business Owner even went to the length of advertising in a local newspaper that he, “Tackles the Traffic Ticket, and Guarantees No Points or Fewer Points according to our law firm.” This was apparently due to his relationship with two sitting judges to be able to have Traffic Tickets Dismissed.