Traffic Court Common Questions Part One: Driving Records

In Criminal, Traffic by GWAO

We don’t all start as experts (nor have we all read the original “ABCs of Traffic Law” book, pardon the plug).

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Here is the first in a series of  highlights and common questions regarding traffic court necessities, touching on both practical knowledge and of the type of work a lawyer or client need to be aware of.  Today’s discussion focuses on the common question of Driving Records.

  • Driving Records – Typically, there are four methods to obtain a driving record.
  • FIRST – an attorney can get a free copy from the Sheriff’s Department using a standard form, which will need to be notarized, depending on the jurisdiction’s rules.
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  • SECOND – you can get a copy from the NC DMV by use of this website,, and by completing a DL-DPPA-1 form.
  • THIRD – you can get a copy from the DA’s office in open court on the court date, again, depending on your jurisdiction.
  • FOURTH – you can use a commercial provider (expensive).
  • How long is a Driving Record good for?Depends on the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) and Judge. Generally, a record obtained within 30-days of court is valid, although some jurisdictions insist upon a seven day window or “day-of-court” records.
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