Traffic Cameras and Your Greensboro Car Crash Case

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How Traffic Cameras Can Help Your Car Greensboro Car Accident Case

Are you doing all the necessary things after a car crash? Most folks follow the basic ideas about what to do after a Greensboro car crash, but there are things many people don’t use to their utmost advantage. Consider the abundance of traffic cameras for a second. Did you know traffic video and camera footage from closeby businesses can make a large the difference in your injury matter?

Learn about the importance of getting traffic camera footage to assist you in getting paid for your crash and/or injury claim.

Traffic Cameras In North Carolina

The state of North Carolina has over 200 traffic cameras on state highways and on it’s many interstate highways. In addition, larger cities around Greensboro have cameras on some of the major thoroughfares. The local govt. uses these cameras to watch traffic and spot any issues on the roads.

Local businesses also have surveillance camera action that helps reduce criminal activity. If you are in a Greensboro auto accident or collision on a main street or highway there is a chance your wreck was caught on a special camera, which will likely answer many question about who was at fault for the crash. However, these videos are only held for a little while. For example, the North Carolina Department of Transportation only keeps videos for 48 hours, unless a special notation is made by someone to keep a particular video. Businesses will often keep video reels for up to one week or two before it is taped over by newer footage.

How to Ask For Traffic Camera Video

While it is technically possible to ask for video footage on your own, it often is often to time consuming and a real pain to deal with. Understanding who operates the camera, and the place where the footage is kept and how to make and send files can be a real chore. Police don’t have to tell you a thing about traffic cameras or security cameras in the area, so in many cases, it is up to you to decide what is available and from who.  Also, there are many forms and information that must be processed to obtain videos, so if you are just getting over a Greensboro car accident injury, you will want to have some assistance with this chore. Of course, a Greensboro personal injury attorney can assist you. Making the effort to contact an injury attorney right after your crash is important to obtain traffic video footage from the scene of your wreck.

An experienced Greensboro attorney will know where to find traffic and business cameras and how to get the footage quickly, before it is taped over. Do not wait until it’s too late!  Contact an experienced lawyer immediately to assist you with all the steps necessary to settle your car crash case.

Our lawyer work diligently to aid people in the Greensboro area who have been injured or hurt in often terrible car accidents to thoroughly prep their files so that they receive excellent outcomes and the most compensation.

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