Top Rated Trial Attorneys Teach Trial Techniques to Greensboro Defense Attorneys

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The attorneys at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth enjoy teaching trial techniques and legal strategies to their fellow attorneys and judges.  Top rated trial lawyers often are asked about the statutory authority relating to trial procedure.  The Greensboro Defense Attorney Bar is interested in elevating the experience and knowledge of all of our fellow attorneys.  The following is a comprehensive list of those statues, designed to assist both our clients and our fellow attorneys!

Relevant Statutory Authority

15A-941          Arraignment before judge only upon written request; use of two-way audio

transmission; entry of not guilty plea if not arraigned.

15A-942          Right to Counsel.

15A-943          Arraignment in superior court – Required calendaring.

15A-944          Arraignment in superior court – Optional calendaring.

15A-945          Waiver of arraignment.

15A-1201        (Effective until December 1, 2014, contingent upon approval of

constitutional amendment) Right to trial by jury; waiver of jury trial.

15A-1211        Selection procedure generally; role of judge; challenge to the panel;

authority of judge to excuse jurors.

15A-1212        Grounds to challenge for cause.

15A-1213        Informing prospective jurors of case.

15A-1214        Selection of jurors; procedure.

15A-1215        Alternate jurors.

15A-1216        Impaneling jury.

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15A-1221        Order of proceedings in jury trial; reading of indictment prohibited.

15A-1222        Expression of opinion prohibited.

15A-1223        Disqualification of judge.

15A-1224        Death or disability of trial judge.

15A-1225        Exclusion of witnesses.

15A-1225.1     Child witnesses; remote testimony.

15A-1225.2     Witnesses with developmental disabilities or mental retardation; remote


15A-1226        Rebuttal evidence.

15A-1227        Motion for dismissal.

15A-1228        Notes by the jury.

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15A-1229        View by jury.

15A-1230        Limitations on argument to the jury.

15A-1231        Jury instructions.

15A-1232        Jury instructions; explanation of law; opinion prohibited.

15A-1233        Review of testimony; use of evidence by the jury.

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15A-1234        Additional instructions.

15A-1235        Length of deliberations; deadlocked jury.

15A-1236        Admonitions to jurors; regulation and separation of jurors.

15A-1237        Verdict.

15A-1238        Polling the jury.

15A-1239        Judicial comment on verdict.

15A-1240        Impeachment of the verdict.

15A-1241        Record of proceedings.

15A-1242        Defendant’s election to represent himself at trial.

15A-1243        Standby counsel for defendant representing himself.

15A-1334        The sentencing hearing.

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