Tips For Safe North Carolina Motorcycling in Poor Weather Conditions

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Anyone who rides motorcycles knows it’s not a matter of if you’ll get caught in the bad weather, it’s a matter of when. Even here in Greensboro, North Carolina there are regions where your odds of getting caught up in a downpour are pretty good. This kind of weather makes for treacherous driving for even the most experienced of cyclist. So, it is a good idea to be prepared for that day, whenever it may come.
Of course, every motorcycle rider has his or her own way of dealing with inclement weather. But there are a few general rules that everyone should abide by when the sky gets dark and the streets get slick. The following tips are a great start for anyone looking to hit the road during a rainstorm:
Brake It, You Buy It – Condensation like rain or snow on the road means less traction. Less traction means any motorist or cyclist can suddenly find them selves hydroplaning all over the place. Keep the acceleration low and overall speed even lower. The harder your brake the more likely you are to skid out of control.
Head in a Fog – Like a car windshield, motorcycle helmets can fog up. Depending on the temperature outside, the inside of a helmet can quickly turn into a sauna, with moisture clouding the entire field of view. Prevent this by keeping the face shield open or using an anti-fog application.
Itchy and Scratchy – One of the keys to safe driving in poor weather is focus. The more attention you give to your bike and the road, the better off you’ll be. If any part of your gear – such as your coat, gloves, pants, or helmet – are distracting you, it can be a problem. Before getting doused in a rainstorm, make sure all the holes are patched up.
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