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Picture this scenario. You’ve just filed a lawsuit against your ex, the father of your children, seeking a custodial schedule for your 3 children.  That same weekend you go out on the town with your friends and have a few drinks (Why not?

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Your kids are with their Grandma!), sing some karaoke, and dance the night away.  You take some pictures of you “celebrating.” In your buzzed state, you post them to your public social media pages…and of course you include the “#letsgetwasted” “#myexisanidiot” “#momswhoparty” hashtags. 

A few months later, you’re sitting on the witness stand during the custody trial you’ve been anticipating. Your ex’s attorney is now asking you all kinds of questions about your drinking and partying habits. He’s clearly trying to insinuate that you are out of control and pose a risk to the children.  You deny all of these insinuations (of course, because you go out with your friends once a year!). And then, opposing counsel pulls out screenshots of that one-night months ago… when you didn’t think before you posted! As a result, your formerly squeaky-clean dedicated Mom image just got it’s first chink in the armor.

Sure, this might sound like an extreme scenario, but know that it happens.  What might be in reality a one-time innocent night out with friends can easily be portrayed by a good Greensboro Family Law attorney as a concern regarding your morals and even potential substance abuse problems for the court to consider.  Don’t let this happen to you. So, before you post, tweet, Instagram, Snap, etc.

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, think!  Your question should be “is this something I’d want to answer for on the witness stand?
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” If the answer is no, then the rule is don’t post it. In other words, the “likes” aren’t worth it!

In conclusion, please remember that this rule applies in all areas of litigation, but especially so in the area of Family Law. Come talk to one of our Greensboro Family Law attorneys today!