Thieves Steal Camera Used for Finding Dog

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It all started when a Shut Tzu, named Bruno ran out of the house because of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. A group called Hound Hunters came out and placed a camera in order to help locate the missing dog.

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The camera all of a sudden went missing according to a  Greensboro criminal lawyer.

The wood be thieves were walking down the street when they noticed the camera. They then picked up and took it according to a larceny lawyer in Greensboro. The non-profit involved is requesting it to be returned per a lawyer at our Greensboro law firm.

They need the camera back and they’ll accept it back, no questions asked.

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It would appear they’re not seeking charges against the individual who took the camera, but law enforcement may have other thoughts on this issue. Because the camera was running at the time it was taken, they have a pretty good look at the people involved.

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