The Rules for Greensboro DWI Refusal Privileges

In The Rules for Greensboro DWI Refusal Privileges by GWAO

The rules for Greensboro DWI refusal privileges are complex.

DWI refusals are becoming more common.  Greensboro Police Officers and the DWI Task Force are marking individuals as having “refused,” because they know they can now obtain a blood test to get the alcohol test they desire.  So the rules for Greensboro DWI refusal privileges must be known by top DWI lawyers and shared with their clients.

DWI refusal privileges and revocations work as follows:

  • Revocation is for one year, effective on the 10th calendar day after the mailing of the revocation order.
  • A DMV hearing is allowed, must request in writing prior to effective revocation date.
  • Limited Privilege is allowed if certain circumstances are followed.
  • –At the time of the refusal, no prior willful refusals within preceding 7 years.
  • — The underlying charge, did not involve death or critical injury to another.
  • –The defendant’s license has been revoked for at 6 months for the refusal.
  • –Substance abuse assessment obtained (20-17.6) and recommended education or treatment has been completed.
  • –Underlying offense disposed of, either other than by conviction, or by a Level 3, 4, or 5 punishment and at least one of the mandatory conditions of probation has been complied with.

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