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Suspected Robber Arrested After Manhunt per Attorney

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After what has been two very long weeks for law enforcement, they informed a Greensboro attorney at our law firm that they have tracked down a suspected robber. Law enforcement reported that the man had barricaded himself beneath a floor of the house he was hiding in. A woman and child were also in the house at the time of the search and the woman has been charged with Felony Harboring a Fugitive.

This all started back on January 20, when he was initially had an order for his arrest out for an assault that allegedly took place during a drug deal per a Greensboro criminal lawyer. Local deputies attempted to catch him and he took them on a high speed chase. This led to Felony Flee to Elude charges. Then according to a lawyer in Greensboro he broke into a home and robbed a woman at gunpoint. He stole the woman’s van.

After another high speed chase with deputies, he wrecked the van and again took off running into the woods. After quite the manhunt over the course of two weeks, our attorney in Greensboro was advised that they were able to track him to the house they found him in.

It’s the understanding of our Greensboro personal injury lawyer that he didn’t suffer an injury as a result of the arrest. Our family law attorney in Greensboro was advised that the family he was with is dealing with difficult circumstances now that the mother has criminal charges and she has a young child.