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Summer Vacation and Child Custody Tips From a Greensboro Family Law Attorney

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Summer is officially here! The kids have had their last day of school and now you’re looking ahead at weeks of chaos and irregular schedules.  Even if your summer vacations are sure to be chaotic, they do not have to be contentious with your ex! Hopefully your custody order clearly sets out a schedule and expectations for all parties.  If so, the risk of arguments should be lessened (yet, that’s mostly dependent on the parents’ ability to co-parent), but if not, here’s a few tips from your local Greensboro Family Law Attorney for a less chaotic summer!

1. Plan Ahead!

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your vacation with the kids and expect your ex to simply agree.  Best practice is to plan your vacation as far in advance as reasonably possible and inform your ex right away.

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  Early planning allows everyone the ability to get on the same page and plan accordingly.

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2. Communicate Plans and Changes Immediately and Effectively.

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This isn’t rocket science. Let your ex know where you’ll be taking the kids and how you can be contacted while you’re gone.  Nothing is more alarming and stressful than not knowing where your kids are even if they are with your ex. Keep that in mind and make sure to communicate with them. Additionally, if your previously communicated plans happen to change, make sure to communicate those changes as well!

3. Consider a Custody Agreement/Order!

The best advice I can give you is to consider entering into a written agreement and/or court order that defines the custodial/visitation schedule for your family.  This kind of written document will help define all of these things far in advance and often serves as an important tool for effective co-parenting and avoiding future arguments and chaotic summers!

If you find yourself worrying about how to manage your custodial and visitation this summer, consider speaking with one of our Greensboro Family Law Attorneys.  Our Greensboro Family Law Attorneys are well-versed in these chaotic situations and are ready and willing to help walk you through this stage.  Give our Greensboro Family Law Attorneys a call today if you need help!