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Student Killed at Bus Stop per Greensboro Lawyer

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Just before 7 AM, a 16-year-old was waiting at a bus stop. Our Greensboro lawyer reports that the bus showed up and put out it’s stop sign and she began to cross the street. A vehicle passed the school bus and hit her according to a car accident lawyer in Greensboro.

EMT’s arrived on scene and began life saving measures but sadly, were unable to save her according to a Greensboro personal injury lawyer. She was a junior in high school, taken from us far too soon.

But the situation didn’t end there. The driver of the vehicle that hit the high school student left. Turning this into a felony hit and run. A witness to the car accident followed the man who hit the girl. Our lawyer in Greensboro was told that they caught up to the man, told him what happened and then cornered him while he tried to turn around in a yard.

Law enforcement arrived on scene. The vehicle had a shattered windshield, a dented hood and other vehicle damage. He told the police that he saw flashing lights and hit something while he was driving to work. Our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro was told that the man acknowledged the accident and now has been placed under arrest. He will be charged with careless and reckless driving, hit & run, but it will remain to be seen if they will charge him with involuntary manslaughter.

Our Greensboro family law attorney sends up her thoughts and prayers for this child taken too soon and her family and friends during this difficult time. Stay safe Greensboro!