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Stealing Police Gear = Not a Good Idea!

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A 22 Year Old Greensboro Man faces at least 41 charges for the Larceny of Firearms, Military and Police Armor, and Ammunition. The man was charged with 22 counts of Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, 12 counts of Possession of Stolen Goods, 8 counts of Felony Larceny and a multitude of other charges.

From the looks of it, it appears the Greensboro man was Breaking into Police vehicles and stealing weapons, ammunition and armor from the cars. These Breaking and Entering charges happened between May and June of this year. In 2011 he received Probation and Community Service for Felony Breaking and Entering and Larceny after Breaking and Entering charges. Last year he received probation for First Degree Trespassing.

The man has first appearances today at 2 PM where they will address his current Bond.

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