Statutes of Limitation Explained by a Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer

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Statutes of Limitation and Tort Claims Notices from a Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer:

Everyone wants to move on with their lives after a collision. A Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer can tell you that Statutes of Limitation and requirements for Tort Claims notices allow this to happen by requiring an injured person to file a lawsuit (or notice thereof) for their injuries by certain deadlines. In North Carolina, a lawsuit must be filed for an automobile collision within three (3) years from the date of the accident if the lawsuit is against a private party. If the injured person is a minor or the person is incapacited, then these deadlines are extended.


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If a lawsuit is not filed (and, in the case of the government, notice is not given) within the applicable time period, a suit could be forever barred.

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