Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer – New Radar Gun with Camera – Beware

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A new technology is entering various Police Precincts throughout the country, and it’s called Velocity Snap. This product was developed for the purpose of issuing Speeding Tickets without having to pull the driver over. The device ‘Snaps’ a Photograph of a Speeding Car, then stores the cars Photo, Speed and Location onto a Tablet. Traffic Ticket Officers can utilize the information acquired to send a ticket to car’s Registered Owner.

The Driver of the Speeding Vehicle will not have to pay the typical Court Costs. Instead the driver pays $54.50 plus an extra $1 for every mile the driver is Speeding over the posted limit.

These guns are created by Applied Technology Partners in Tennessee, and both the city and the company will profit on each ticket issued. Both will receive half of the Speeding Ticket Cost for each ticket issued. Important to note, there is no upfront costs for using these cameras.

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