Speeding Ticket Cameras Over-Charged Drivers $2.8 Million

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A secret audit of Baltimore’s Speed Cameras found that drivers were over-charged $2.8 Million for Speeding Tickets. In 2012, there were over 700,000 Speeding Tickets issued in Baltimore. The audit found that 10% of those Traffic Citations were issued in error and 26% were questionable Speeding Tickets. Before this audit, Baltimore Officials repeatedly claimed the cameras error rate was only 2%. Some of the cameras were issuing incorrect Speeding Tickets nearly HALF of the time per a personal injury attorney. One camera had a 58% incorrect Speeding Ticket issuance rate. At $40 per ticket, the city may have to pay back the $2.8 Million worth of unfairly issued Speeding Ticket Revenue.

The issue with these Speeding Tickets came to light, when a motionless vehicle was issued a Traffic Citation for going 13 Miles Per Hour over the Speed Limit. In January, these older model cameras were replaced with what Baltimore Officials claim to be more accurate models…maybe only a 40% error rate this time around?