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Shopping Cart Killer Captured per Criminal Lawyers in Greensboro

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Criminal Lawyers in Greensboro North Carolina

A serial killer is now in custody according to our criminal lawyers in Greensboro North Carolina. Law enforcement has located the bodies of four victims since August, and there is concern that there’s more bodies still out there. Our criminal defense lawyer was advised that the man is 35-year-old and he would meet his victims on various dating websites.

He would set a meeting point at a hotel and then apparently do all sorts of horrors to their bodies. Our criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro North Carolina was advised that after he did what he did to them and killed them, he would leave the bodies of the women in shopping carts.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Law enforcement is now going through the records to determine where all of the places are that this man has been. Our criminal defense attorneys in Greensboro North Carolina were told that a couple of the bodies were found in shopping carts near each other. There is some concern that based on the evidence they currently have there may very well be more than one killer out there.

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