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Shootout Suspect Investigated per Lawyer

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Greensboro Lawyer

The man was initially believed to be behind the shooting of a local police station. Our Greensboro lawyer was advised that the man had fired a number of bullets at a local police precinct. Officers saw him shooting what appeared to be a semi-automatic assault rifle.

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They converged on him which started a police chase per a Greensboro attorney. The man drove for 4 miles avoiding the police and then pulled into a local high school gym parking lot. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was told that he then fired additional shots at the police before dropping the rifle and running into a park.

The man then opened fire on the police using what appeared to be a handgun.

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Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was told that officers fired back and the suspect was eventually hit in the barrage of bullets from the shooting. The officers immediately provided aid to him even after he just shot at them.

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They were able to take him into custody and charged him with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, and assault on a government official. Law enforcement went to find his family members to tell them what happened prior to it becoming news. However, our attorney in Greensboro is saddened to report that they found his mother and grandmother both dead. Their deaths are being investigated as homicides.

Our family law attorney in Greensboro sends up her thoughts and prayers for all who were involved in this situation. Stay safe Greensboro!