Shooting After Traffic Stop – Leads to Discovery of Two Bodies

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One of the most unusual cases in quite some time began innocently enough. A father and son were driving their truck down the road with North Carolina tags when they were pulled over by the police because the vehicle came up as stolen. As police approached the vehicle, the father and son opened fire shooting two of the police officers. Police returned fire and injured the driver. The father and son after a brief chase were captured. An ensuing search of the vehicle found two North Carolina Residents’ Bodies underneath a mattress in the truck bed. Investigators are currently questioning both men as to why they were in the back of the truck.

The North Carolina couple whose bodies were found, recently had had their house burned down which was being investigated as a North Carolina Arson Case. Well this Arson case has become a Murder case, as well as an Attempted Murder case when the men fired upon the police officers. What a start to 2015!

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