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Robber Shoots Man at MGM Casino

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A man was having a good night playing blackjack and had won around $60,000. Our Greensboro attorney was informed that a woman he planned on meeting later came to his room along with two gunmen. The gunmen was clearly not part of his plan.

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One had an AR-15 and one had a pistol resembling a Glock.

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was told that the men pinned him down and forced him to give them the code to his safe. When the code wasn’t working the man attempted to escape and ran into the hallway where he was shot. He continued to scramble, rolling down a total of 17 stories down the stairwell according to a Greensboro personal injury attorney.

Law enforcement has been able to make two arrests thus far in the armed robbery and charged them with robbery with a dangerous weapon along with attempted murder. Their attorney argued that they could not be positively identified due to the fact that their faces were covered, a judge hearing their bond motion, decided to keep them in jail.

There is currently a cash reward for the remaining suspect.

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Our Greensboro family law attorney sends out thoughts and prayers to the man who was shot and hopes for a quick recovery. Our injury attorney has been advised that his injuries are listed as life altering.