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Road Rage leads to Greensboro Attorney Search

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Greensboro Attorney

Law enforcement is currently searching for a woman they say was involved in a serious road rage incident according to a Greensboro attorney at our law firm. The incident happened just before 11 AM on Monday as police were called to the scene.

Our Greensboro lawyer was told the woman fired a shot into a vehicle on I-77 while operating a black Nissan Altima. Fortunately, she missed the driver and the bullet passed into the passenger area. Apparently, it started because one car was stopped a light and the alleged shooter was pulling up fast behind her. They rolled the windows down and had an argument.

But after rolling her window up, a shot was fired per a criminal lawyer in Greensboro. While in traffic the victim used her phone to video the woman and then called 911. Our family law attorney in Greensboro is happy to report that no one was injured as a result of this terrible situation.