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Rear-End Car Accidents Can Be Serious in Greensboro

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There are many widely held misconceptions when it comes to automobile safety in the Greensboro area. Among these misconceptions, one of the most common is that rear-end car accidents are minor and never cause serious harm. The basis for this belief often comes from a mixture of personal experiences, an exposure to local news, and even a misguided belief that cars are designed so well that they prevent injuries in a rear-end crash.

Of all the Greensboro car accident, roughly 25-50 percent of them are rear-end collisions, depending on the area of the state at issue. Fortunately, many of these accidents are, in fact, minor and only cause damage to the vehicles involved. The drivers and passengers inside those cars are able to escape unharmed and can move on with their daily lives without too much of an inconvenience.

Unfortunately, though, there are thousands of rear-end collisions every year that lead to injures and some even lead to death when these accidents prove to be serious. In those instances, victims may be forced to bear the burden of a collision for months or years to come as they struggle to recover from their injuries and return to their pre-accident lives. If a loved one is killed, that loss can never be undone and a family can never fully recover.

Rear-end impacts are the most common type of collision in the United States. Often, they occur when a vehicle is traveling too fast to adjust for changing traffic conditions and therefore cannot slow in time to avoid striking the rear of a second car. Speed, distracted driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, inattentiveness, heavy traffic congestion, an unfamiliarity with the roadways, poor quality of brakes, and inclement weather are some of the factors that lead to rear-end collisions in Phoenix.

Any type of crash can cause injuries, including those where vehicles traveling in the same direction collide. Though low speed collisions have the ability to produce harm, crashes where at least one vehicle was traveling at a moderate or high speed are more likely to lead to injuries as the forces involved in an impact increase with a vehicle’s speed.

Victims of these incidents regularly suffer from injuries to their backs, necks, spines, arms, legs, and heads. Herniated discs, concussions, fractured arms and/or legs, and closed head injuries are some of the most frequent damages that stem from a rear-end accident.

Victims who are hurt in an automobile collision in Arizona are entitled to seek relief for their damages which can include any medical expenses they incurred. However, they must act within a time period specified by law or they will be forever barred for obtaining relief, regardless of the extent of their damages or how heavily their lives have been affected.

If you drive in Greensboro, make sure you realize that your actions affect not only your personal safety but also the safety of those in nearby vehicles. Consider slowing down a little, especially when traffic is heavy, and resist the urge to switch quickly and often between lanes. Taking minor steps towards safety on the roadways can have a big impact and can eliminate thousands of Greensboro car accidents every year.

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