Radar Gun Not Inspected leads to Speeding Tickets being Dismissed in Greensboro

In Traffic by GWAO

A recent investigation into the Greensboro Police Department’s Radars found that out of 145 radars only one missed inspection. This being said, that one Radar gun was used to stop 190 drivers for speeding tickets and other additional infractions. Those tickets will now be Dismissed according to the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office. The Greensboro Officer who didn’t have the radar inspected is now placed on administrative duties.

If you do the math on the Greensboro Speeding Tickets that were dismissed, with an average cost of $250, this single radar gun has caused what could a $47,000 loss of revenue which typically go to schools, roads, and supporting public safety.

This when compared to the total number of speeding tickets written by the Greensboro Police Department this year which is 21,414, is a small number, however you can see why the Greensboro officer was placed on administrative leave.

The one dilemma is that if you were one of those 190 drivers, you will not be notified. The only way to find out is to go to court. That’s why you need a Top Rated Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer on your side, to make sure that if the radar wasn’t inspected, you case is DISMISSED.

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